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“You Have Been Assigned This Mountain To Show Others It Can be Moved”

This INCREDIBLE letter was presented to me by my Step Mom, Dr. Tracey Butler Ross, right before my mastectomy last year. I recently read the letter again. It touched me so much that I felt lead to share it with you all because it remains relatable for any one facing a giant! Consider this, could what you’re facing be an opportunity to stand tall in ways you never thought possible?

Happy Reading!

“I’m praying for you this day and the days to come. Praying for your physical body, your strength (of mind and character), your courage in adversity and pain, your ability to endure and be empowered during the storms and trials in your life. You are the epitome of grace and elegance even when under fire.

We all applaud your steadfastness in doing what needs to be done, your bravery as you stand ready to fight, and your true grit as you dig down to the very fiber of your being as you face this “Goliath” in your midst. Your ever knowing  spirit that knows that you DO NOT walk alone.

I’ve watched you smile through many tests and tribulations. I’ve watched you evolve and grow, live and learn, withstand and endure, take hit after hit… and yet you keep standing. You still have been a wife, a daughter, a mother, and a friend and you haven’t missed a beat.

But I never want you to forget that you ARE a women and this particular crossroad that you are now facing is especially tough. I cannot imagine what you are feeling, but I want you to know that I see you and your heart. Every shake and anxious quake, every tear that you’ve kept within, every sob that was never given a sound, every scream that was muffled by a smile and. Always being strong even when you didn’t know how to be in this situation.

God sees you and HE is there with you every step of the way!

I wish that I could take this cross from you, but sadly, it is not within my power. You have every right to feel angry, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, scared, or whatever other human emotion that may be going on or that has gone through your mind over the past few months, especially right now. Your life as you have known it is not the same, and understandably, you also are not the same. Though your physical body may change, your character has not. You are still the “warrior princess” that God spoke into life and existence almost 32 years ago. Sure, you like all of us, might have some battle scares, but I declare there will come a day that you will look at those very scares and feel a surge of victory and accomplishment that you made it through!

This is a defining moment in your life and you get to write what that definition and story shall say. Perhaps it will be…. Over comer, champion, role model, activist, only God knows, but it will constantly change and adapt to fit the need for the moment at hand. Keep looking up when your head may want to lower, keep striving forward when your body feels exhausted, keep standing when your legs may want to buckle; keep reaching for Him when you feel that you don’t know how to keep going on. He will see you through. As He said to Elijah in the wilderness, “Eat and rest for the journey ahead is great.”

The life that you dream of, lives in the changes that you are experiencing, and your ability and willingness to change with them, and not just for you, but for you husband and children also. Why this particular path was given to you, we shall never know, but I know that God IS able and He never changes! He will carry you and never let you fall. Continue to trust Him and allow Him to guide you. I promise you that there is something on the other side of this beyond challenging battle. You just keep taking it one day at a time. Embrace every moment and chronicle it clearly, for this is your destiny and testimony. No one can, nor will they, tell and live it like you! There is NO win or lose in this fight…. Only WIN or LEARN!

Go forth and glean from every moment ahead, for the day that you shall declare the works of the Lord is soon to come.

I am SO proud of you and will continue to be there every step of the way! My heart bursts with the love I have for you and as I promised you…. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”


It’s almost been a year since I first received this letter and I hope it has blessed and encouraged you just as it has me! It represents my heart towards every breast cancer warrior! I am NOT thankful for cancer, but I am thankful for what cancer has taught me! Continue fighting because you are here for a reason!

Until next time….. Much Love and Light,

Ciao Bella